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Who am I?

So you may have seen my video on the home page, which lets you in on what I do for Scoosh. But who is the person behind the cool business name?!

My credentials include: a BA Hons in Business & Computer Studies; a current First Aid certificate; a Safeguarding certificate; DBS certificate; Relax Kids coach.

As you know, I’m Jan, I’m a mum to amazing tweenager twins. They’re very nearly 11 years old, sometimes behaving like they’re at least 15! It’s difficult in these modern times, isn’t it, with the obsession with technology?

I’m also a wife, I live with my family in Swindon, UK.

Originally from Redditch (Midlands, UK), I grew up in a split family. My parents had a stormy relationship and divorced when I was little. So my growing years were spent moving around between mum and dad. Mum being older, had 3 boys from a previous relationship, dad went on to have a girl in his new marriage. So although I grew up essentially an only child, I have 4 siblings! I love them all fiercely and when we get together, it’s like we’ve never been apart <3 <3

My childhood aspirations were to be as strong as my mum and as creative as my dad. Career wise, I really wanted to be the first female engineer from my high school, so took A-level Maths, Physics and Chemistry! Then joined a BTEC course in Mechanical Engineering. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for lots of reasons, but I think mainly I just was not ready.

After working some temporary admin jobs and teaching myself typing skills and how to use Microsoft Office, I was lucky enough to secure employment at Marconi Electronic Systems. This lead me to complete a college HNC and then a degree in Business and Computer Studies, as I’d discovered an affinity with computer software and programming. I started as an administration assistant and left Marconi as a Software Engineer.

Five years later my aspirations had morphed into desperately wanting to become a mum. This did not come easily, we needed a science intervention – IVF.

Once my beautiful twin babies were born, it seemed crazy to then leave them to work full time! Maternity leave turned into a couple of wonderful years making some amazing friends and helping to run a local Twins group.

When a part-time job came up to work in the local library at weekends, I was over the moon to get offered it! I have always loved books and learning, so this really was the best combination. Essentially it was the perfect life balance thing as it meant I could be with my family all week, and be an adult at the weekends. With the added benefit of allowing my husband to enjoy quality time with the twins!

Over time, the hours grew and then diminished due to cut backs. What I really enjoyed was a stint in the Outreach Team. It allowed me to engage the passion of sharing stories, and the benefits of libraries, and then sharing coding with children! I was hooked! 

So now I’m on a mission to inspire children into science and coding while having fun!

Watch this space for more developments!