Would you like to give your child a ‘different’ birthday party or celebration this year?

Do you like the idea of a science-y party but not sure where to start?

I can help! I have experience of giving science demonstrations in a children’s party environment and run a fun STEM Club in a local school. So, if you’re based in and around Swindon, book me to science-up your child’s party!

Choose from:

  • Slime Extravaganza Warning! Can be very messy!!!
  • Crafting a Balloon Car
  • Host your very own Escape Room!
  • Vibrating bugs (using circuits)
  • Suggest something else…

Contact me on 07462 598448 or to discuss!

Cost £75 for up to 15 children.

What you can expect at a Scoosh party… if you pick the Balloon Car project for example, I will bring enough kit for all children (and adults if they’d like!) to complete at least a car each. We will work together to craft it and then have a race once we’re all done! And a bag to take it home.

I can’t provide the puff for blowing up the balloon though…! That’s down to the children!