Hello there! How lovely to see you!

In the video above I talk to you about all that I do. Here it is in text format in case you’d rather read it instead!

So, I’m Jan. You may be wondering what it is that I do here at Scoosh. I help time-poor parents give their children an advantage in this increasingly online world. How do I do that? By providing a fun, relaxed environment perfect for learning in my STEM clubs, Coding clubs and online / 1:1 tutoring.

So what is STEM? Well, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. In STEM club we complete projects either individually or as part of a group covering one or two of those topics. A very popular example of a project we complete is making slime!

What is Coding? Well, Coding is programming and in most of the clubs, the children focus on learning Scratch. Scratch is a block-based programming language specially designed for children to learn with ease. The focus is on fun, making games and animations.

My mission is to inspire children into science and coding while having fun.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy sticking around!


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