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Holiday! Celebrate!

So we have made it to our holiday! Yay! A beautiful sunset welcomed us to the Isle of Wight yesterday evening.

It is a beautiful day – sunny and hazy after a very muggy night so we checked out the Cowes Week attractions and saw some beautiful boats.

As well a splash in the sea…

Abbie and I enjoyed a tour around the RNLI Lifeboat Station. I think she rocks this outfit 😎

We were amazed to see Darth Vader on our walk… 😂 you might need to zoom in.

The Bulldog Jumper is finished!

Yay! I am so proud of it 💕 And I know Sarah is really excited to see it.

Delivery will be after our holiday, so you’ll just have to wait to see it on the intended!


Thursday we had the privilege of going out for a meal at our local Beefeater with just our lovely daughter Abbie! This is a rare event for us as Abbie has a very active social life! Jack was on his first play date so a rare event indeed. It was good to have her with us, no fighting, no moaning, and not completely absorbed by her phone.

Here she is enjoying dipping her doughnuts!

Ha ha! Couldn’t resist doing the slow-mo on it!!

Jack had a fab time with his friend too. We had a bit of a breakthrough – at bedtime he admitted that he thought he had upset his friend by nagging. After chatting about it we talked about maybe thinking of other things while waiting. More work is needed but I’m so proud that he could see that he had been nagging. Sort of a parenting win? I’ll take that.

Power to Achieve

So… I’ve signed myself up for a weekend event in early September. I’m freaking out a bit now as I’ve never been to anything like it before.

The lead up to it reminds me of going to Christian events! As a teenager I went to a London stadium to worship in a massive crowd. I loved it for the singing and the atmosphere. We also went to a Christian Arts Festival for a few years running. That was awesome 😎 I got to see live bands, listen to some fantastic preaching and of course wade through knee high mud and use holes in the ground for toilets!! 😂😎🤪😱

Great memories.

How I got to be a Church goer and fall out of it is a whole other story.

Anyway… back to the Power to Achieve! Since clicking on to Denise Duffield-Thomas and pre-ordering her book ‘Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!’ I’ve been bombarded with all sorts of entrepreneurial offers from Facebook. One of which was a guy called Andy Harrington. Liked by an amazing lady I used to attend school with, I joined Andy on a webinar, this one dedicated to Story Telling. Fascinating insights of making your story, that your customers can identify with, and learn to trust you. And then of course, buy from you.

The tickets also come with a free copy of Andy’s book ‘Passion Into Profit’. I’ll let you know how I get on with that.

In the meantime, I still have much to read of Denise’s book, but maybe this is part of it and the manifesting? Seeing opportunities everywhere!

If it is, great, bring it on!


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