‘You are ruining my summer!’

That’s what our daughter shouted at us yesterday! Our crime? To propose a family outing…

More tantrums and tears? You ask! Are you wondering what sort of mum allows their children, at age 10, to be still having tantrums? I certainly wonder sometimes. It can really spoil the enthusiasm of going somewhere! We have these amazing ideas for fun day trips out, crafts and games to play… only to be downgraded by attitude.

Can it be teenage hormones? I’m not so sure as it’s always been the same.

Again I feel the judgement from my own conscience! As a Relax Kids Coach, surely it should be easier? The approach I took was cuddling and listening and understanding. This approach can be frustrating for me as it is not a quick fix. It takes time to listen. It takes time to feel sympathetic, to understand their point of view. Especially with such a resistance to see mine.

After tears from one, there was a tantrum from the other! Urrrggghhh. Again, difficult to reason, and reminding them that we do actually have a good time once we are out, doesn’t always have the desired result!

Need to work on our gratitude practice maybe? Do you do gratitude practice with your children? How do you manage getting them out of the house?

Anyway, we did mange to leave the house and we had a lovely afternoon out (aside from Jack’s current favourite phrase ‘O.M.G no-one cares!’)! We headed for the Clifton Suspension Bridge and found a few of the ‘Gromit Unleashed 2’ sculptures around there.

The kids even enjoyed a play on the park, and a visit to their favourite shop – Smiggle, followed by some fast food!

Bulldog Jumper

55f7f549-f2a8-4d39-bcd1-1eb1fc1b4547-4471-00000371fad01300_fileMaking progress and oooh I can see the light at the end of the tunnel…!

I’m working on the ribbing for the bottom. After that it’s the ribbing for the leg holes, and then sewing up! 🙂 I’m really pleased with the ease of this knit and how the stripes look.

I will definitely follow this pattern for the next dog jumper.

As long as it fits, of course!

Get Rich Book Update

Despite being distracted by all sorts of other life coaches on Facebook and Instagram I have managed to read some more, and the following quotes from ‘Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!’ by Denise Duffield-Thomas are giving me plenty to be thinking about.

‘You are smart enough. You are ambitious enough. You are enough, and you deserve to be as wealthy as you want, now.’

I need this burned into my brain and chant it daily.

‘Often people think, If I could just get a big windfall, my life would be perfect. Nope. If your behavior stays the same, it doesn’t matter how much money you make.’

This makes sense. I used to be a Software Engineer before the twins came along, and was earning a healthy amount, and still had no money. I had quite a lot of stuff though.

‘Self-awareness will set you free and give you lifelong tools to deal with inevitable challenges in future situations.’

Some work required here to de-clutter those money blocks! And to remember:

‘Giving shouldn’t bankrupt you. Giving shouldn’t block more abundance coming to you, or keep others from learning their own financial lessons. Don’t leave yourself a victim by over-giving. Instead, make sure your giving feels good and still honors you and your financial goals first.’

I do feel that giving and putting others first is a big money block for me. As a child I felt that it was my responsibility to look after my parents after they got divorced. Neither of them earned or had very much money. Then as a teenager I was heavily committed to the Christian faith that seemed to be teaching me to put others first. I spent a lot of time feeling guilty about everything I said and did in case it upset someone. Time for a re-frame.

So overall a ‘Yay! Parenting win!’ for a good summer holiday day out. Fingers crossed for a tantrum free day today!!

Oh and I have bids on a couple of my handmade shabby chic items on eBay! Yay! 🙂

What are you up to today? Hope it’s something fun!


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