Rock Hiding & Tantrums

Day 2 of our summer and we started the weekend as we normally do – waking up late and doing our own thing! At least there has been some showers 🙂

I managed to get a few more pages up here, showing off the shabby chic items that I can make. And they are on eBay! So, fingers crossed that they sell.

Then the time came where we began to run out of food :0 Uh oh.

So we had to go food shopping! Hence the title of this post. The prospect of going to the supermarket caused a tantrum. Jack simply hates going. I have to admit that we do not cope very well as a family. Once we get out, it all settles down and Jack is quite happy going round the shop, pushing the trolley. I guess I fear and hate the tantrum, and somehow transmit that. There has to be a better way. Any ideas? Some years ago I had the privilege of doing a ‘Positive Parenting’ course, I should perhaps revisit that. The only part I remember of that is getting the kids involved – putting them in charge of the list, getting them to make sure we have the right size, finding the correct isle, etc. This is where I find it difficult having twins. They each need a job that is not a competition. We always have competition. And jealousy. As a mum, I find that I feel guilt whatever I do! Do you feel the same?

While we were out we ‘hid’ a couple of rocks that we painted a while back. Have you heard of the craze on Facebook? We paint and hide rocks for ‘Rocks of Swindon’ and ‘Swindon Libraries Rocks’. The idea is that the rocks are found and then photographed, posted on FB and then rehidden. These rocks go on an adventure! The kids really enjoy it.

Jumper Progress


As you can see, the leg holes are complete! There’s still a way to go, but I’m hoping it can be complete to deliver by Thursday 🙂







Get Rich Book Progress

Minimal is the word. Although, it is part of the process to declutter. And part of that is clearing out my ‘Hobby Room’, if I can sell some of these items and make some money, even better! Wish me the best.

There is a lot more hand made items I can sell, watch out for more pages appearing on the site! And please get in touch if there’s something I can help you with.


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