Bring on the Holidays!

Warning! Long post…!

Yesterday was the last day of Year 5 for my little monkeys! Look at their faces – Jack looks so smug! Probably just relief – no homework for a few weeks! Luckily they love reading <3 so that does not count as work 😉


Everyone says it don’t they? ‘I can’t believe it! They’re growing up so fast!’ It is a fact that I get so caught up being busy, that life seems to fly by. Every year I have big plans for the summer holidays, quite often abandoned for the chilled out, let-them-get-on-with-it type of life! Already, day one, Jack is playing online with friends, and Abbie has gone off to the park! Maybe I should just lower my expectations, enjoy the chill out and also have the odd adventure planned… My friend Karin over at embracehappy.com has come up with an amazing ‘Savouring Our Summer’ workbook that I’m itching to share with the kids. We will definitely be doing some of the ‘Bucket List’ activities in there! I’ll let you know how it goes!

What are you doing with your summer? Do you plan every minute to get the most out of it? Or go with the flow? There’s a lot to be said for both approaches.

Code Club @ Swindon Library

Yesterday was a fun morning at work! :0


This was the display I set up for our Code Club Drop-In session at Swindon Central Library. We use a lot of Code Club UK‘s tutorials, mainly in Scratch. Code Clubs are such fun to run, the kids get really into their coding, and I always feel like a super hero if I manage to sort out a problem for them! Yeah, there are some that just like to play games. I feel it’s good for them on a social level, so coding isn’t seen as purely solitary? And there have been a few times where they’ve remixed a game when it got impossible! #stilllearning right?

micro:Bit Bit:Bot

I was particularly proud to have got the micro:Bit Bit:Bot robot working. Yes, from a child’s perspective it is just a remote control car… but I put it together and coded it (with a bit of help from rapidonline.com!). It went left, right, forwards and backwards! and had lights that changed colour with it’s direction! B)

The drop-in also featured the old style game ‘Frustration’ made from this Code Club UK’s tutorial. I made two so that siblings could challenge each other!


It will be fun to repeat this drop-in throughout the summer, maybe I’ll even get time to add a buzzer to the Frustration game! Not sooo great for a library environment, but hey ho, the kids will love it!! 😉

Bulldog Jumper update

I’m now working the leg holes… so this is progress! knitting

The WI Aran yarn is so soft, it is easy to work with <3

Get Rich book update

As you know, I’ve been reading and working through the ‘Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!’ book by Denise Duffield-Thomas. So I filled out my money tracker… nice to see that I just about covered my overdraft this month 🙂

Having signed up for the emails, Denise DT sent an online video to go with the book. And this is where I’m stuck. The first proper step is to ‘Declutter’ 🙁 Anyone that knows me, knows that I have a lot of clutter. That and money are the only cause of actual arguments in my marriage. I realise that Denise is not just talking physical clutter. I honestly felt that it was just the emotional clutter that I would need to work through, in order to get rich. I know, I know…

Part of the advice is to work through any negative feelings about money. So here’s one of mine: It kinda feels like an endless cycle… I feel bad about (lack of) money (it is after all my responsibility), come up with an idea to make some, and end up spending to complete the idea, and not always get a return let alone enough to cover the expenditure, feel bad, come up with an idea… You get the picture.

This is going to be hard work! It’s not just wishing and dreaming. It’s not just saying affirmations. It’s not just tracking money. Depressingly, I will have to really work on changing my mindset and my physical environment.  Urrrggghhh! Anything but that.

Have you got any quick money spinner tips? All suggestions considered!!


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