Bulldog Jumper Knitting – WIP

Hi there!

It’s another hot day here in the UK – phew! 25 degrees C, expected 28. We are just not used to it. I’m not complaining, honest, just give me more water! And yet here’s my WIP (work in progress)! Yes! Knitting a jumper for an English Bulldog with WI Aran yarn. Must be mad you say!

knitting with pink ribbed collar
My Knitting WIP

This project is for a good friend of mine, Sarah, and one of her amazing brood of award winning English Bulldogs.






Here is Ruby wearing the first jumper I made for Sarah’s brood:

Ruby in her jumper
Ruby in her jumper

Isn’t she gorgeous? A beautiful model <3 <3

Custom orders

Please get in touch if you’d like a custom made jumper for your fur baby 😉 Contact


The pattern I’m following I bought from madmonkeyknits on the LoveKnitting site: madmonkeyknits dog jumper on LoveKnitting My review is that it is, so far, easy to follow, despite having to enlarge further for the dog size. I will keep you updated 🙂

The pattern for Ruby’s jumper came from Frank Pug Sweater on Ravelry My review of this pattern is that it was a little tricky to follow at times. I didn’t help myself by knitting on straight needles instead of the recommended ‘in the round’! It needed adapting for the size of the dog and the pattern didn’t allow for the size of the arm holes or a greater width between the arms. I ended up adding a ribbed panel between the arms down to the tummy.

So that’s what I’m knitting at the moment, let me know what you’re working on.

Afghan Hound
Afghan Hound

Pets, pets, pets…

I have always loved animals, even though while growing up having dogs caused problems between my parents. You see my Dad brought home two Afghan Hounds one day and boy! they take a lot of looking after. Mum was not best pleased at them being groomed on the dining table!!




Do you have a fur baby? These are ours: Squishy, Snowy and Sandy. Can you tell who is who?!

The kids and I would love to add a doggy into our family, my hubby? not so much! He is definitely a cat person. Sadly, none of these would appreciate a hand knitted jumper 🙁 so I will have to stick to knitting for others 😉


Plans and reading

Get Rich Book Cover

What have you got planned today?

I have just had a new book delievered, and as the kids have not broken up for the holidays yet, I may just dive into that! It’s called ‘Get Rich Lucky Bitch!’ by Denise Duffield-Thomas. Because, as you know, I really struggle with money, living in my overdraft month to month. Maybe, just maybe, another book purchase will help turn it all around?? 😉

However, there’s a mountain of other things on the ‘To-Do’ list as always!

Whatever you are up to today, enjoy!

As a good friend over at Embrace Happy always says:

Not every day is good, but there’s something good in every day!


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  1. Lovely jumper made for my Bulldog fits perfectly. Very reasonably priced I also had a choice of colours. Have already put another order in as so pleased with the finished product many thanks.

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